3S Media Solutions
Entertainment is no longer a one-way street!

Click the logo to play this demo of MTV's "THE HILLS"...and click on all the stuff you're interested in...clothing, people, accessories, even airplanes!   We don't tell you where to click with glowing shapes or flashing arrows...YOU get to choose what you want to learn more about!  

If it moves too fast, simply pause the video to select the item you want to click on and then resume the video.  Once you have enjoyed the viewing experience,  you can browse through the generated thumbnail for the interactive experience.


So What's This About?...


Product placement in web content turns the content into a passive advertising billboard.

Product placement in “3SMediasolutions” content turns the content into engaging

interactive, revenue-generating, worldwide retail stores!

In television, content and the surrounding advertising opportunities are delivered to a

passive viewing audience/consumer, who has little choice but to sit back and take it!

It is becoming increasingly clear however that today, in a world dominated by the

interactivity of Google searches, social networking and viewer-generated content, a

new paradigm is needed: a paradigm that opens that passive “one-way traffic” into a

three dimensional experience: an experience where the triangular relationship between

viewer (consumer), content producer and advertiser (retailer) is more dynamic, more

engaged and more valuable to all three parties.

THE VIEWER:       " I want to be able to interact with what I'm watching so that I can find out who
                                that cute actor is, how that wine is made and how to buy that gorgeous dress!"

THE RETAILER:   " Wouldn't it be great if viewers could buy my product the minute they see it in
                                 a video and say " Wow! I want that!"?"

     "I have this great web series, I just can't make any *!!**%%##!! money out of it"

That is where
  3SMedia Solutions come in….

S Media Solutions
 is a company that builds retail shelf-space inside online content. Utilizing the innovative  technology, 3S Media Solutions connects the viewer with a
level of engagement as well as retail shopping opportunities while enjoying any
kind of
online content from Music Videos to online webisodic entertainment.  The
dimensional element of our services comes from the fact that we face in three
directions at once.  It is a triple play solution as it benefits all three participants at the

same time.

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